used Buick Regal engines

The Buick Regal was mid sized car produced by General Motors form 1973 through 2004. The car was a personal luxury vehicle created for Buick to compete against the Cutlassas Supreme, the Grand Prix and the Monte Carlo.

The Buick Regal shared many features with its predecessor and parent car the Buick Century. The Regal was coupe that carried over many stylings of the Century, the biggest differences in the look of the two cars involved different grilles and taillights. The Regal not only shared looks with the Century, it was also very similar in looks to the Cutlass, the Grand Prix and the Monte Carlo. All three vehicles had colonnade hardtop rooflines, window areas and the new opera window for the back seating.

. The Buick Regal engines were shared between several divisions of General Motors. From 1973 through 1977 only three were offered which included the 231 cubic inch 3.8 Liter V6, the 350 cubic inch 5.7 Liter V8 and the 455 cubic inch 7.5 Liter V8. These first four years the vehicle was offered with only one transmission: the three speed Turbo-Hydramatic automatic. With the Buick 350 in V8 being offered as standard equipment on the 1973 and 1974 models.

Once General Motors knew that the Buick Regal could hold its own in sales, the design team made several more engines available for the coming year designs. From 1978 through 1987, no less than seven different engines were marketed with the Buick Regal. These included engines from other lines with the General Motors stable including Pontiac, Chevrolet and Oldsmobile. Buick had developed a new engine and this was the one initially offered for the second generation development of the Regal. A standard transmission was also offered in the early years of this generation but was eventually dropped in favor of all automatic transmissions.

When the eighties arrived, the Regal received another body redesign. This one was much more aerodynamic which allowed the Buick Regal to make its NASCAR debut. The new performance based Regal that was introduced in 1982 would incluld a 4.1 L V6 engine.

The Regal maintained its popularity throughout the last portion of the twentieth century, however declining sales forced General Motors to withdraw the car in 2004. There has been some talk of bringing the name back for 2011 however that remains to be seen.