used Cadillac Fleetwood engines

The first time the name Fleetwood was used in relation to a Cadillac was in 1927. The Cadillac Fleetwood as a separate model of its own came into being in 1946. The Fleetwood would remain one of Cadillac’s premier cars until production of the vehicle was halted in 1999.

One of the largest cars produced by Cadillac, the Fleetwood of 1971 would be built on the Dbody platform that it shared with the Deville. A very large car even for that time, the wheelbase of the Fleetwood was 130 inches. Of course, a massive car needs a massive engine and that is just what the Fleetwood had. The first was a 472 cu in 7.7 Liter engine which grew into a 500 cu in 8.2 Liter engine. These huge engines were the gas guzzlers that everyone remembers from the seventies.

1977 would see the introduction of the Fleetwood Brougham, which included rear wheel drive for the remainder of the seventies and into the eighties. This time period saw a reduction in the overall mass of the General Motors cars and the Fleetwood sed was switched over to a C body platform. Two new engines were also new in the Fleetwoods. First was the Cadillack 425 L33 V8 and an optional Oldsmobile diesel 350 V8 was introduced in 1979.

New body styles were introduced for the late eighties and these included a four door sedan, a two door coupe and a four door limousine. As the end of the twentieth century approached and the nineties were ushered in, the Fleetwood would switch from a front wheel drive C Body it had been on to a new rear wheel drive D body. Several more engine changes were included at this time as well. For 1993 it was a 5.7 L L05 V8 engine and for 1994-1995 it was a 5.7 L Lt1 V8 engine. Though the Fleetwood had been a popular model for many years, sales eventually declined and 1999 would be the last year for the Fleetwood in the GM lineup.