used Chevy Chevette engines

Chevrolet started production of the Chevette in 1975 for introduction late into 1976. Originally intended as a replacement for the Vega,the Chevette was intended to be Chevrolet’s import-fighting small car. The Chevette engine was functional and fuel efficient and it was the best-selling small car in America for the 1979 and 1980 model years.

The Chevette was produced from 1976 through 1987 and was offered with several engine types including the Chevette 1.4L diesel engine.However, it lacked the technological advances bestowed on the Vega such as an aluminum engine, and it was based on the dated rear-wheel drive layout which was rapidly dropping out of favor. The Chevette was actually the last rear wheel drive subcompact car manufactured for the United States and Canada.

Given that the Chevette is rearwheel drive, light weight and compatible with many GM components, it is harldly surprising that the Chevette is a favored choice for dirt tracking racing enthusiasts. The chevy small block engine is a popular choice for upgrading and modifying the chevette for performance purposes.