used Chevy Nova engines

Classed as a compact car, the Chevy Novawas first produced by Chevrolet in 1962 to take the place of the rear engine Corvair which had taken a beating in sales by the Ford Falcon.

Although not originally offered with a V8 engine, Chevrolet was inundated with requests for this as a dealer installed option. This was due in part because of the huge capacity of the engine compartment. Chevrolet quickly complied and began to include this as one of the offerings with the Nova.

Built to be a compact car, the Nova is light weight and the addition of the V8 engine made this car quite attractive to drag racers. The trend is still visible today and these cars are still actively sought by small track racing enthusiasts all over the country.

The Nova was a very popular car through the seventies. So much so that even the police got in on the act, andChevrolet created a police package. Sold mostly to the Los Angeles sheriff department, the Nova is the only compact car to ever have been selected for a police package.