used Chevy S10 Truck engines

The Chevy S10 truck was first marketed by General Motors in 1982 under the name S15 and Sonoma. A high performance version was also released called the GMC Cyclone.

The Isuzu Hombre was another version of the Chevy S10 produced from 1996 through the year 2000. An suv version was also produced and was known as the S10 Blazer. Together these were know as the S Series Trucks.

By 1994 all of the special editions were gone and the Iron Duke and 2.8 L 60° V6 engines were dropped, leaving just the 4.3 L Vortec and a new 2.2 L engine, itself a derivative of the old Cavalier OHV. A high-output version of the 4.3 was offered on the “SS” model. The ChevyS10 SS was a high performance version of the S10 and a limited amount were produced yearly.


used Chevy Monte Carlo engines

The Chevrolet Monte Carlo was produced from 1970 through 2007. Spanning this 17 year range, the Monte Carlo was designed to compete directly with Ford’s wildly popular Thunderbird. All Monte Carlo’s were produced as two door luxury coupes with changes and redesigns in nearly every year of it’s production.

The Monte Carlo was the brain child of Chevrolet’s then general manager, Elliot Estes and leading stylist, Dave Holls. They gave the Monte Carlo it’s bulging fender wells for a more musculature look, hidden windshield wipers which were stylish at the time as well as it’s standard small block V8with a two barrel carburetor

In 1978, in response to the Arab oil embargo, the Monte Carlo was lightened considerably and it lost roughly 800lbs. The engine compartment was also smaller as the 350 and 400 V8s offered in previous years were dropped in favor of a standard 231 CID V6 built by Buick or an optional Chevrolet 305 CID V8.

The Monte Carlo was used extensively in the NASCAR circuit by drivers such as Dale Earnhardt, his son Dale Earnhardt jr and Jeff Gordon. This fame propelled the Monte Carlo into the 21st century and special commemorative packages were offered to bolster sales that had started to slide. These used the popular 3.4 L OHV V6 engine.