Used Chevy Tracker engines

The Geo Tracker was produced through a joint venture between General Motors and Suzuki which produced the Suzuki SideKick. Built for the North American market in Ingersoll, Cananda along with the Sidekick, some were imported from Japan due to a delay at the Canadian factory.

Originally the Chevrolet Tracker was produced exclusively for the Canadian market however in 1992 the Geo name was brought to Canada and all Trackers were now Geo Trackers.

Suzuki began importing four door Sidekicks from Japan in 1991. These were powered by a sixteen valve 1.6 Liter engine. In 1996, the Ingersoll, Canada plant began assembling the four door trackers also and the Geo and Suzuki models were rebadged and all North American models became Chevrolet Trackers once again.

The Tracker was intended to be a rugged light mini suv and a comfortable passenger vehicle at the same time. It was given a light truck engine and transmission coupled with an off road four wheel drive package. The Tracker was given strong front suspension with a tough recirculating ball steering box and a front differential mounted ahead of the engine made the vehicle sturdy enough for off road use. The U jointed drive shafts and the rear axle that was a light truck unit on coil springs gave the Tracker a truck like ride that could withstand harsh off road usage.

The Tracker was replaced by the 4 cylinder Chevrolet Sport Captiva and the Saturn Vue in the summer of 2008 after a rapid decline in sales. Many believe the sudden disinterest by the public was caused when General Motors replaced the rugged steering box with lightweight rack and Pinon steering which is much more easily damaged and more expensive to repair, eliminating the ability to use the vehicle for the very thing that had made it so popular.