used Dodge Monaco engines

The name Dodge Monaco has been used twice in the Dodge line up. The first time was in 1965 and this line continued until 1978. The name was brought back in 1990 and this time the run was much shorter ending in 1992.

The original Monaco was first created in order to compete with the Poniac Grand Prix. It had hard top two door coupe design and came standard with a 383 cu in V8 engine.

1966 brought a lot of changes to the Monaco. Although still available it its base model concept it was now also available as a four door pillarless sedan and a conventional four door pillared sedan. A four door station wagon was also introduced in 1966. The four door and station wagon versions now went by the name Dodge Monaco and the original two door hard top coupe became known as a Dodge Monaco 500.

A face lift would be given to all Monaco’s for 1967 and this would include a new exterior sheet metal for the for the Monaco as well as the new look for the hardtop coupe in the form of a semi fast back roofline with a reverse slanted rear quarter window.

The Dodge Monaco 500 would rise to the top as Dodge’s premium full size vehicle. Although the Dodge Monaco 500 would be retired after just a few years, the base version of the Monaco remained quite popular and was one of Dodge’s best selling vehicles.

The car was also quite a hit on television as well. Most will remember it as having appeared with its cousin the Dodge Charger. While the Charger occupied the spotlight since it was driven by the heroes of the show, the Monaco was also part of the action so to speak. Just as the General Lee was known for high flying and fast driving, the Dodge Monaco held its own as well. The Monaco was the vehicle used for Sheriff Rascoe P. Coltrane and his deputy Ennis on the popular show “The Dukes of Hazzard”.