used Dodge Raider engines

The Dodge Raider was a mini suv put out by Dodge from 1987 through 1990. It was actually a captive import and a twin to the Mitsubishi Montero. The differences in the Montero and the Raider were mainly in the body style. The Dodge Raider was offered as a mini SUV with three doors and the Mitsubishi Montero had both a five door version and a three door version.

For the short life of the Dodge Raider, no changes in body style, interior engine options were done. The only engine offered with it was a 2.6L (156 cid) I4 engine producing 109 horsepower. It did come with two types of transmissions however. These were the the four speed automatic transmission with rear wheel drive and four wheel drive and the five speed manual transmission also with rear wheel drive and four wheel drive.

Although the Raider did marginally well in the United States market, Chrysler made the decision to discontinue it after three short years. It was not replaced with another mini SUV, instead only Mitsubishi would continue to offer what had essentially been the Raiders twin, the Mitsubishi Montero. As previously noted, the Mitsubishi Montero was introduced by Mitsubishi at the same time that Dodge introduced the Raider. Although the Raider had been discontinued, the Mitsubishi continued to sell the Montero as both a three door version and a five door version. Shortly after the three door Raider was pulled from the market however, the Montero was redesigned and the three door version of the Montero was discontinued as well.

The Raider did live on in other markets however and continued to be produced and sold in places such as Australia and South America. In these markets it did very well and was even sold as a fleet vehicle for the police market in some of these countries.