used Dodge Shadow engines

The Dodge Shadow was produced by Chrysler in 1987. The Shadow was intended by Chrysler to be a new type of sedan or coupe. The idea was to design the car to be similiar in appearance to a regular sedan or coupe but to actually be a hatchback. Chrysler’s intent was to use this hidden hatchback design as a major selling point for the vehicle. The hatchback design did give a much larger storage area to the vehicle. However the marketing was did not make as big an impact as Chrysler had wished for.

The vehicle was made in Sterling Heights, Michigan and Toluca, Mexico. Car sold in Mexico went by Chrysler Shadow in reality they were actually renamed Plymouth Sundances.

There were several modifications made to the vehicles engines by Carroll Shelby Enterprises that utilized a turbocharged 2.2 L engine. These cars were known as a Shelby CSX.

The Dodge Shadow and the Plymouth Sundance were similiar in many ways and also shared many parts. At the time of production, both cars were quite popular and a convertible version of the Dodge Shadow debuted in 1991. These cars were the most inexpensive models on the market at the time that also came with a drivers side airbag. Motorized upper restraint seat belts were also being featured in cars at the time although they would later be discontinued for various flaws in safety. Because of the motorized seatbelts, 1994 Dodge Shadow cannot be imported to Canada becaus of Canadian safety standards.

For the length of time the Dodge Shadow was in production, several engines were offered with the vehicle. All of the engines offered were four cylinder however some were turbocharged. The 2.2 Liter engine was one of the most popular due to its fuel efficiency. A larger 2.5 Liter engine was offered as well with or without a turbocharger.