used Dodge Spirit engines

Production of the Dodge Spirit began in January of 1989. It was a midsize passenger car that could seat five comfortably but did offer seat belts for six due to the sixty/forty split bench seating in front. The car was assembled was produced at two plants one being in Newark, New Jersey and the other in Toluca, Mexico.

Dodge was building the Spirit on the popular stretched version of the K platform and indeed the Spirit was quite similar to its predecessor the Aries in size and shape. It was also quite similar to the Dodge Lancer as well. The car had lots of trunk space and was given a solid beam rear axle. Most of what set the car apart from others in the Dodge line up were the styling of the grille and rear lamp. Dodge also manufactured a racier sportier version of the Dodge Spirit. The one was known as a Dodge Spirit R/T and was intended to be a higher performance version.
Unique wheel designs can be found on some of the versions of the Spirt. These were known as the Dodge Spirit ES and the wheel design was known as Eurocast. These were alloy wheels that carried a snowflake pattern and were manufactured through 1991. In 1992, Dodge introduced a new wheel pattern for the Dodge Spirit known as the Pumper wheel. Dodge also color keyed some of the alloy wheels to the the vehicle body types.

The base engine that Dodge offered for the Spirit was a 2.4 Liter TBI four cylinder engine. This engine was made by Mitsubishi and offered on all of the Dodge Spirit models except the R/T model. The Dodge Spirit R/T was offered with a very special engine. This was a 2.2 L DOHC turbo III engine and it was made by Lotus. All models were also offered with both five speed manual transmissions .