used Ford Bronco engines

The Ford Bronco was the concept vehicle first introduced by Donald N Frey in order to compete with the Jeep CJ-5 and International’s Harvester Scout. Frey was also responsible for the conception of the Mustang and his friend Lee Iacocca, who would one day head up Chrylser, would push both Bronco and the Mustang through to production.

The early Bronco was always intended to be used primarily as an off road vehicle and the frame suspension and body style made it perfect for this use. What it wasn’t designed for was towing, which would be remedied in later generation redesigns.

The Bronco enjoyed a long life span, considering it was one of the first true SUV’s on the market. Production began in 1966 and would last until 1996 with the first major redesign introduced in 1978.

The full-size Bronco was introduced in 1978, thus divided the life span of the original Bronco into two categories, the early Broncos (1966-1977) and, of course, the full-size Bronco(1978-1996).

An interesting side note on the classic Bronco is that very few 2 wheel drives Broncos were ever made and the ones that were produced were only made for sale outside the United States.

The Bronco was made infamous and forever recognizable in 1994, when the news media filmed O.J. Simpson, who was wanted for the murders of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman, for several hours trying to elude the Los Angeles Police Department in a low speed chase on Interstate 405. The White 1993 Bronco was owned by the driver and friend of Simpson, Al cowlings.