Used Ford Crown Victoria engines

The Ford Crown Victoria was first introduced to the American public in 1955 and was the first rear wheel drive full size car produced by Ford Motor Company.

A down shift in full size car popularity began in the early eighties and most major competitors began to leave the full size market. By 1996 the Crown Vic (as it is commonly known) has enjoyed a near monopoly of the full size market. However, even with little to no competition, the Crown Victoria has seen sales slide continously since 1983. Beginning with the 2008 model year the Crown Victoria became available solely through fleet sales.

Long a standard on police forces throughout the United States, the police version of the Crown Victoria received a name change beginning in 1999. Police versions through 1999 had previously been styled as the Crown Victoria P71, however the name was officially changed to Police Interceptor and received a its own rear badging. Previously the model had simply received the civilian Crown Victoria badge. Due to its popularity as a police vehicle, Ford has plans to keep the Police Interceptor model in production as a fleet model well into the future.

Civilians are still able to purchase Crown Victoria’s from dealerships from time to time although most are only available when ordered as a fleet directly from Ford Motor Company. However there is still enough demand for them that used Police Interceptors or Special Service vehicles are still hot commodities at various auctions. This also helps to ensure that enough of the vehicles circulate in society that Crown Victoria parts are not difficult to come by in salvage yards around the country.