used Ford Explorer Sport engines

The Ford Explorer Sport began as a trim model variations of the Ford Explorer however it did not remain that. The vehicle proved very popular with the younger consumer and demand was such for the automobile that it evolved into its own unique brand. The Sport was one of the earliest Explorer models produced and stayed on the market from 1991 through 2003.

The Explorer Sport tended to be a statement automobile. Families were not really attracted to it for the simple fact that it was a two door model and two door vehicles do not lend themselves to families with small children.

Most people who were interested in purchasing the Sport really considered it more like a utility sports car. Things could be hauled in it, you could take it offroad and it just looked cool. It came with a 4.0 L Cologne V6 engine, which provided enough power to satisfy most customers.

By 1998 the 2 door Explorer Sport was the only Sport Utility Vehicle offered by Ford in the two door trim level. It was also the only one offered on a shorter 10 inch wheel base.

The Explorer Sport was offered in both two wheel drive and four wheel drive variations. and was intended to be a replacement for the two door Ford Bronco.