Impress Your Valentine: Polls Says- Women Prefer Men Who Drive This

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Black trucks, like this Ford Super Duty truck, make some pretty big statements about the driver

One of the biggest reasons that men drive big, flashy cars is because they feel it impresses women. However, according to a survey recently taken of over 2,000 drivers, the sports car might be the wrong ride for those looking to impress a potential date. According to what the survey found, women are much more likely to prefer men in a black truck.

Men who drive black trucks, whether they’re brand new and sleek, or they look like a beater with an engine for sale, tend to be more appealing overall. According to the survey, participants found people who drive a dark truck to be the most attractive option for a ride, with black trucks agreed upon as the most desirable color, which is a number not to be trifled with. Sports cars came in at barely 27%, which might be surprising for those who thought the need for speed was going to tip the scales in their favor.

Trucks, particularly black trucks, make some pretty big statements about the driver. Dark colors are attractive in general, but black has an attitude that’s been used by bad guys in films for years. It’s bad, and it gives off a vibe of confidence that can earn some serious notice. Not only that, but a truck also has the attitude of being tough, hard-working, and being a vehicle that can last through anything. That makes a statement about the person driving it, and it projects qualities people happen to find engaging.

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used Ford F-250 engines

The Ford F-250 truck is newer breed of pickup truck introduced by Ford Motor Company. Intended in every way to be a true work horse, the F-250 has added towing options, a heavier axles, springs, brakes, transmissions and more powerful engines with much higher payload and towing capacities.

By the time the tenth generation of the F-series truck was developed, Ford was looking at splitting the F-150 and the F-250 into two different body styles. The early versions were just F-250′s however, as 2007, it was renamed the F-250 Super Duty.In the beginning the regular F-250(light duty) was an F-150 which heavy duty axles and suspension whit 7 lug wheels and had a load leveling rear suspension system.

By 1998, Ford had developed the F-250 Super Duty and dropped the Ford F-250 Light Duty truck name. This light weight version was now offered as a 7700 package for the F-150.

Super Duty trucks are intended to be primarily commercial/industrial use pickup trucks and have been designed with that in mind. They have a heavier duty body on frame design and come with a 7.3 Liter Powerstroke diesel V8 engine and either a six speed manual transmission or a five speed 5R110W automatic transmission. There are three different cab options with include the standard that can carry up to three passengers all the way up to a crew cab with four full doors and seating for up to six passengers.