used Ford Freestar engines

The Ford Freestarwas introduced by Ford Motor Company in 2004. Ford was redesigning its family vehicle line up and at the same time had changed its naming strategy to rename all their automobiles to words beginning in F. The Freestar replaced the Ford Windstar for the 2004 model year.

The Freestar minivan can accomodate up to seven passengers.Hoping to appeal to families with five or more members, the Freestar was designed to recapture some of the consumer family market lost to SUV segment. One of the attractions of the Ford Freestar is the fold flat option of the third row seating which allows the minivan to carry cargo for its passengers on a trip such as a family vacation.

The ford Freestar was built on the Ford V platform and featured a 4.2 Liter Essex engine with a four speed automatic transmission. The base model was offered with a smaller 3.9 Liter engine.

The Freestar was offered in Five trim levels including the Se, Sport , SEL and the Freestar Limited.Unfortunately the name change of the vehicle proved to be ill advised and was nicknamed the “Ford Fiasco” by some of its critics. Naseem Javed, president of ABC Namebank International was quoted as saying about the name change, “It will cause confusion and chaos for consumers”. This appears to be what happened as the Freestar, which was really a slight redesign of the very popular Windstar, saw sales dropped dramatically. Ford decided to pull the van from the lineup and the product was dropped in 2006.