used Ford Taurus engines

The Ford Taurus is produced by Ford Motor Company and has been in continuous production for nearly twenty years. The Taurus was a unique concept car introduced by Ford in 1986. It had a revolutionary design when it was introduced to the North American market. The Taurus was the first car to introduce the European body style to American consumers. The new features were a welcome change to consumers in North America who were tiring of the same boxy designs be offered.

The Taurus was the bestselling car in the United States from 1992 through 1996 before it lost its hold on the market to the Toyota Camry. The First Taurus offered a 2.5 Liter four cylinder engine and it was dubbed the Taurus MT5. This was exclusive to the sedan body style and was not offered with the equivalent Mercury Sable. Many remember this particular car from its appearance in the movie RoboCop.

There have been a number of redesigns over the years and in 2000, a redesign replaced the oval design elements that had been the cars unique signature. From 2000 through 2003, the car was known as the Taurus SES Sedan . Because the Taurus was losing sales, Ford cut back on some of the luxury features of the previous years in order to keep the car in a competitive price range.

In keeping with Ford’s decision to change all of the names of it vehicles to word’s beginning with the letter F, the name of the Taurus was changed to the Ford Five Hundred. This proved to be a disasterous move as the car lost all brand recognition with consumers. In 2008, the name was brought back and is was marketed as the Ford Taurus SEL.