used Ford ZX2 engines

The Ford ZX2 was a restyle produced by Ford Motor Company starting in 1997. The vehicle was built as replacement for Ford’s compact sport car, the Ford Probe. Itwas not styled to be a sedan or a wagon. Ford was looking to attract a new audience to this redesign and their target was the yourth market. It was built at Ford’s plant in Sonora, Mexico.

Ford was doing a makeover of the Ford Escort and though it was built on the same platform, Ford decided to drop the hatchback from the line up and added a sporty coupe to take its place.

A very rare model was released only for 1999, the Ford Escort LX wagon. It had an unusual trim package and came with chrome 14 inch wheel covers and other features.

The Ford Escort Zx2 trim models included a base and the LX, which came with more meatures. The reverse lights were also moved and now occupied the same piece as the tail lights.

Unfortunately sales were never what Ford had hoped for with the redesign of the Escort. One more effort was giving to revive the line when the ZX2 S/R was introduced in 1999 but did not increase sales enough to salvage the vehicle. When the Ford Focus was introduced in 2001, Ford cut the ZX2 back to fleet sales before dropping the line altogether in 2003.

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