This Can Save Your Life

cell phones during their time behind the wheel

cell phones during their time behind the wheel

There is an increasing trend of drivers to answer their cell phones during their time behind the wheel and not only is it dangerous for them, it is also a major problem for other drivers who are unlucky enough to be using the road at the same time. With all the other distractions like talking and switching radio stations, putting on makeup and combing your hair, is it really necessary to add cell phone communication to the equation?

Trying to contact to find out if they have any Used Engines for the car you are working on can certainly wait until you arrive at your destination. Cell phones are supposed to help us function a little more efficiently, not make our lives more hazardous, so maybe we should consider some of the other alternatives to keep our minds away from the cell phone while we are driving.

Rather than jeopardize life limb and property, why not try a few of the following options to keep you away from using the cell phone while operating your motor vehicle.

  • Cover your phone with a piece of paper like a post it or something similar, so when you reach for the phone you will be reminded that you should not be using it.
  • If you are speeding down the highway and your phone rings, you will be unable to answer it if it is your briefcase and that same case is locked in your trunk.
  • The simplest way to avoid using your phone is going to be if it is not working, what better way to make sure it does not ring than by turning it off?
  • There is a reason why they are called copilots and that is because they are supposed to help you. If your phone rings or you get a text message while you are driving, let the person sitting next to you get it.
  • Most business people carry their phones around with them so that they can be reached. One of the most difficult things for a business person to do is to let the phone ring when there is the possibility of an order. Scheduling regular stops to accept calls and return them will be the responsible thing to do.

And finally, whether you use one of the options suggested above or you come up with your own, just remember, the consequences of a life lost, is never worth answering the call.