Quick Tips If You Have to Drive in Bad Weather

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The best option is always to avoid going out in conditions when there is ice, snow, rain, or heavy fog

Have you ever opened your garage door to zoom out for work and been surprised at the weather?  Snow, wind, poor visibility not to mention the cold, can all make your commute seem dreadful.  Or perhaps you are already on the road and an unexpected storms sneaks up from nowhere and bam!  You can hardly see where you’re going.

At this point, it doesn’t matter if you’re driving a brand new vehicle or a vehicle that’s been outfitted with a quality used engine from our warehouse here at SW Engines.  What really matters is how you drive and what you do.

The best option is always to avoid going out in conditions when there is ice, snow, rain, or heavy fog.  However, sometimes that can’t be helped.  So here are some important tips to help you get to where you are going safely.


1. Drive Slow.  You need to increase your following distance with the cars in front of you.  If the road is wet or icy, it will take longer to come to a complete stop.  You might be late and feel stressed to get there but it’s most important to arrive safe and sound.

2. Have your headlights turned on.  You want to increase the ability for other drivers to see you.

3. Brake Slowly.  If you begin to hydroplane, take pressure off of the gas pedal and begin to brake slowly.  Do not turn or swerve your steering wheel.  If you react by turning or swerving, you could lose control of your vehicle and even flip over.

4. Follow Tracks.   If visibility is poor, follow the path of the vehicle that is in front of you.  The tires from their car will compact the snow down and help give a clearer path to drive.

5. Avoid Water on the road.  If you see standing or running water on the road, avoid it and look for a higher route.  Flash flooding can happen with no warning and well before any alerts can be given.

6. Pull Over.  Don’t be afraid to pull off the road If conditions are scary and you have a hard time even seeing in front of you.  Find a safe area to pull over, and then listen to the weather stations and see if you can wait it out.


With all the traveling this winter season and through the holidays, the folks here at Southwest Engines ask you to remember to buckle up, slow down and be safe.



How To Be Safe When You Are Driving Alone

used engine

Check your gas, engine, and emergency road kit before driving alone

Know how to be safe when driving alone? Yes, and you immediately give yourself an A+ because you shouted out loud: “Wear your seatbelt,” and startled the driver in the adjacent lane who was thinking about dialing 911. There is no question that in today’s confused society, security and safety should be your paramount concern; especially women driving alone. That said here are some tips you may already know plus a few clever ones you don’t and should never forget.

Tip #1 – How’s that ten year old car holding up for you? Is it in good working order? If you’re traveling a long distance maybe you need a good used engine. That red light that keeps staying on could be a sign of trouble, so get it checked out, load up with gas, pack at least two gallons of water in your trunk as well as an emergency kit and blanket and one of those cool LED flashlights. Make sure all your doors lock.

Tip #2 – Study your maps before leaving if your destination is new to you. Let family and friends know your travel route. Don’t forget your iPhone, cell phone, and charger or whatever you use. Put a pocket knife and a can of Wildfire pepper spray in the glove box for easy access.

Tip #3 – You may be aware of stories about lone drivers, often women, who have been attacked while driving; ergo flashing lights may not be legitimate. Any person can rig a car with police strobe lights plus a fake badge and uniform. If you feel you’ve done nothing wrong, don’t stop. Dial 911, drive to a hospital, open business, or park in a lighted house driveway, honk your horn and lock your doors. This ploy may save your life and a real police person will understand.

Tip #4 – This may seem an overkill but buy a small, cheap, water pistol, fill it with BLEACH, and keep in handy at all times meaning in your pocket or front seat. Nothing will put an attacker out-of-action quicker that a face-full of bleach.