A Life Size Transformer From Scrap Parts

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Ingenious Life-size Transformer Made from Used Motor Parts


Anyone who spent a significant part of their life in the 80′s or, thanks to Michael Bay, the 2000′s saw the autonomous robotic life forms called The Transformers.  Every kid wanted the action figures and some wanted the real thing. For the latter, there is a strong market for engine and other used motor parts for sale that can help you put together a life size replica of your favorite Autobot.

The internet is buzzing about the impressive life size models made with simple tools and affordable , easy to find and accurate engine parts.  The premise behind the Transformers is they are mechanical beings.  It is simply a matter of giving us a call here at SW Engines, as we can source a variety of engine and car parts for you at very competitive prices!

There are many forums and blogs to look up for inspiration and even advice directly from other replica enthusiasts.  Do some research to get a check list for your choice of character’s anatomy. Decide if you want a model replica or a fully functional transformer. The models are very satisfying and will not be very difficult once you are started. If you have the time and resources and want the ultimate bragging rights, attempting a functioning transformer is a more complicated and rewarding project.

Make sure you have a sheltered work-space as this will take several weeks and possibly months to complete.  The methods is the same as rebuilding an engine but in a very different configuration which takes some imagination. You will need some assistance with lifting and holding parts as they are added, but there are plenty of Transformer fans to help with your new action figure.

“Used motor parts for sale” ads, scrap metal and junk yard cars are more options for getting parts cheap.  You can also write ads for parts you can’t find on your own.  Be sure to mention why you want them to increase your word of mouth networking.  Many people will be interested in selling parts to such a grand work of nostalgia and you may even get an audience when it is done.

For legal reasons it is best not to charge admission or do any profitable endeavors. These are trademarked images and it may not be legal if you do this for anything but personal enjoyment.  The satisfaction of having a ten foot tall Optimus Prime in the garage should be all the reward you need.