New Porsche Macan for 2014 unveiled TODAY


The Porsche Macan will certainly be one of this year’s most exclusive and unique consumer favorites.

At least two years ahead of schedule, Porsche unleashed the innovative Macan utility vehicle at the Los Angeles Auto Show today. This was a fitting venue for one of the most highly-anticipated utility vehicle releases in recent history. The LA crowd wants a peek at the newest evolution in functional luxury and the engines which make that lifestyle possible. The Macan, otherwise known as “The Tiger” has been received wonderfully, and is already making its mark on the world of high-end utility vehicle dealership orders. This model will certainly be one of this year’s most exclusive and unique consumer favorites.
SWEngines is proud to be one of the only sources for securing and shipping Porsche engines to any part of the country. Porsche has created one of the most powerful and utilitarian engines on the market. This technology and precision can be cateloged and transferred to anyone wanting to experience the exclusive, unmatched performance of the most highly-regarded sports utility vehicle to hit the consumer market in years. The turbocharged 3.6 liter Macan engine can generate power that produces speeds of 62 mph in less than 6 seconds. It is also perfect for custom transferred projects which produce world class teeth-rattling muffler and exhaust acoustics. We have the Porsche engine for your next big auto project.



How to Test Drive a New Car

Test driving a new vehicle can be a very invigorating experience for those people that are in the market for a new ride. Unfortunately, some drivers fall victim to the pretty paint and fresh smell of the car during the test drive.  Not paying attention to the details could lead you to experiencing the infamous ailment called  ”Buyer’s Remorse”.  Here are some tips on how to test drive a new car.

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Be sure to pay attention to details when test driving a new car.

*Do not rush
When it comes time to test drive a new car, it is very important that you take your time to absorb the total driving experience. If you happen to be pressed for time that particular day, then do not hesitate to reschedule the test drive for another date. When navigating the vehicle, always go for an extended drive via the city streets and by way of the highway.
*Check out the features
Many test drivers forget to even check of all off the vehicle’s features. You need to make certain that the ergonomics of the vehicle fit you properly. Make sure that every component of the vehicle is user-friendly. The last thing that you want to do is to purchase a new vehicle, only to find out that the features are cumbersome to use on a daily basis.
*New does not mean perfect
The reality is that even brand new vehicles can have glitches. If you happen to notice an odd noise or a weird vibration, do not be bashful about pointing it out to the salesman. It is also important that you inspect the exterior finish for any nicks or scratches. There are used engines for sale, so you always have the option of keeping your current ride a quite a bit longer.
*Two minds are better than one
When doing a test drive, always feel free to bring a friend along. They may be able to point out certain aspects of the vehicle that you have failed to notice. A trusted friend can also prevent you from making a premature decision on the vehicle.

Saving Big Money in the Long Run with Repowering Engines

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Save money by repowering your vehicle instead of always buying or leasing the newest model

According to consumer reports, if you are trading in your car every few years for the latest model, you may be losing thousands of dollars. If you consider the credit and housing markets right now being in a state of turmoil, you can easily understand why it has been recommended to repower your car engine as a means to greatly reduce your expense in the long run.

Keeping your car for over 15 years or 225,000 miles instead of buying the same car every new every so many years will save you more money than its original purchase cost says Consumer Reports. They go on to say that folks don’t realize the money that is lost by purchasing a new vehicle every few years. Especially given that today’s vehicles can easily last over the 200K mile mark. Making an investment into the replacing using an identical used engine, is more cost effective these days. Often the used engines are even better than the new original factory installed engines.

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Used Mercury Grand Marquis Engines

The Mercury Grand Marquis has been a part of the Mercury line up since 1983. The full size four door sedan grew into its own model after several successful years as a trim package for the Mercury Marquis. It is currently assembled in Canada at the St Thomas Assembly Plant.

From 1983 through 1986, the first generation of the Grand Marquis, few changes were made that would differentiate from the former Mercury Marquis. These changes would include a redesigned grille for the front and new taillights for the rear. The engine would also change to a fuel injected 302 Windsor V8 engine. This engine would be the only one offered until the Grand Marquis would be updated for its second generation showing.

Though the second generation would not officially begin until 1992, the Grand Marquis would see some physical changes for 1988. The two door coupe was officially dropped and side airbags would be added for 1990. When the second generation was launched in 1992, changes were made to the body styling. Rounded curves replaced the aging squared off look that had dominated the eighties. Passenger side airbags were added and Mercury would change the engine out to a 4.6 L SOHC Modular V8. Other exterior changes were made during the nineties, as well as changes to some of the dash instruments. Analog instrument clusters continued to be offered as standard though an upgrade to digital ones was also and option.

The third generation Grand Marquis was introduced in 1998. Changes continued to be made to refresh the look of the Grand Marquis. Options were added and changes were made to the interior as well. For the twenty first century the Grand Marquis received another facelift and changes were made to the interior door panels. For 2006, changes were made to the grill which gave it a retro look, hearkening back to the early days of the original Grand Marquis. At the moment, Mercury has no plans to end production of the Grand Marquis and this car should continue to be produce, at least for the near future.