Used Mercury Grand Marquis Engines

The Mercury Grand Marquis has been a part of the Mercury line up since 1983. The full size four door sedan grew into its own model after several successful years as a trim package for the Mercury Marquis. It is currently assembled in Canada at the St Thomas Assembly Plant.

From 1983 through 1986, the first generation of the Grand Marquis, few changes were made that would differentiate from the former Mercury Marquis. These changes would include a redesigned grille for the front and new taillights for the rear. The engine would also change to a fuel injected 302 Windsor V8 engine. This engine would be the only one offered until the Grand Marquis would be updated for its second generation showing.

Though the second generation would not officially begin until 1992, the Grand Marquis would see some physical changes for 1988. The two door coupe was officially dropped and side airbags would be added for 1990. When the second generation was launched in 1992, changes were made to the body styling. Rounded curves replaced the aging squared off look that had dominated the eighties. Passenger side airbags were added and Mercury would change the engine out to a 4.6 L SOHC Modular V8. Other exterior changes were made during the nineties, as well as changes to some of the dash instruments. Analog instrument clusters continued to be offered as standard though an upgrade to digital ones was also and option.

The third generation Grand Marquis was introduced in 1998. Changes continued to be made to refresh the look of the Grand Marquis. Options were added and changes were made to the interior as well. For the twenty first century the Grand Marquis received another facelift and changes were made to the interior door panels. For 2006, changes were made to the grill which gave it a retro look, hearkening back to the early days of the original Grand Marquis. At the moment, Mercury has no plans to end production of the Grand Marquis and this car should continue to be produce, at least for the near future.