There is a New Car Sheriff in Town and Its Name is Bugatti

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The Veyron has 922 pounds-feet of torque of power (more bang for your buck)


Gentlemen, there is a new “car sheriff” in town and its name is Bugatti Veyron 16.4. This top quality vehicle holds its own when it comes to horsepower and speed. This beautiful car has 1,001 of horsepower and this car travels at a miraculous 252 m.p.h. The price tag is a little hefty and hits about 1.5 million and the Bugatti is the world’s most expensive new vehicle and this “boy toy” is worth every cent.

Some qualities of this beautiful sports car that you don’t get with others may be:


  • Shorter than a Porsche 911 but obtains more speed 
  • More carbon fibers and aluminum metal than normal cars so that it reduces the weight of the sports car 
  • This beautiful boy toy has a quad-turbo 8.0 liter W16 engine 
  • Has 1,001 horsepower 
  • This wonderful car has 922 pounds-feet of torque of power (more bang for your buck) 
  • Seven-speed automated manual gear-box 
  • Ferociously quick and reaches 0-60 mph in 2.5 seconds flat


A French race car driver is where this Veyron car’s name is derived from. Monsieur car’s namesake arrived onto the world’s premise for their unique make and model year but the Bugatti’s gestation period was anything but smooth. Many car enthusiasts are well aware of this particular vehicle fact. Volkswagen bought the rights to the Bugatti and announced that this particular “boy toy” would be up for sale to the public in the year of 2003.

According to some of the Bugatti’s car owners, this sports vehicle is relatively easy to drive. Although not as engaging or visceral as other sports cars, this “boy toy” is still quite impressive and unique. The Bugatti car may coddle its accessories such as its leather upholstery and other special aluminum accessories and unique measurements. This sports toy has poor visibility due to it’s thick A-pillars but some of the newer models have increased this flaw over the years. Some of these “boy toys” can be bought used. So if you need a good, quality used engine, try SW Engines. With a good engine, the speed and horsepower that a person may crave for their pleasure and unique style may be achieved.

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