used Buick Electra engines

The Buick Electra first appeared in the Buick division of General Motors in 1959. The name has been used no less than six different times throughout Buick’s history. The years that the Buick has used the Electra name are as follows: 1. 1959-1960 2. 1961-1964 3.1965-1970 4. 1971-1976 5. 1977-1984 6. 1985-1990.

The first time the Buick Electra was introduced it appeared as one model with two different versions. There was the Buick Electra and the Buick Electra 225. Before 1959, the Roadmaster and the Limited were the top of the line Buicks. In 1959, they were renamed and replaced with the Electra and the Electra 225. It was the actual length of the Electra 225 that earned its name. The car measured 225 inches.

Through the years the Electra name was used it under went several different body stylings. For 1961-1964, the car comes as a four door sedan, a two door coupe and a two door convertible. For these particular years it is powered by a 401 cu in Nailhead V8. engine.

For 1965 through 1970, the Electra received a complete makeover that included the now classic Coke bottle lines. In 1965 Buick began offering tow trim packages for the Electra. These were the base and Custom package and a new Electra Limited was offered as well.

The Electra would change radically again for the 70′s. Now the styling would be heavier and larger than ever before. The car would have a longer hood and wider expanses of glass as well. Airbags would make their debut in the Electra in 1974, however the technology was very primitive at the time and the feature was not popular due to the expense it added to the car.

The final years of the Electra would be 1985 through 1990. For these years, the car would be known as the Buick Electra Park Avenue. Three engines would be offered for these years including a 4.4 L Oldsmobile Diesel V6 engine. Another new feature for 1985 would be front wheel drive. For 1988, the Electra would receive what would become Buick’s main engine, the 3800 V6 engine. Several new trim lines would be included for 1989 and 1990 which would include the Electra Park Avenue Ultra. The Park Avenue Ultra would be the luxury model and included features such as leather interior and a padded vinyl top. 1990 would be the last year for Buick to use the name Electra. In 1991, the name Electra would be dropped and the car would be then known simply as the Buick Park Avenue.

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