used Buick Reatta engines

The Buick Reatta was produced by General Motors from 1988 through 1991. The car was actually intended to be a sports car for the Buick line up however its actually classification was a sports compact car. Made at the Lansing Craft Center in Lansing, Michigan, the car was a hand made production and had lots of luxury appointments.

The Buick Reatta shared several things with other General Motors produced vehicles. It was a shortened version of the E platform. This feature it shared with the Cadillac Allante. It also shared electronic features and interior design with the Buick Riviera. Though the car was advertised as a sports car, the on transmission to ever be offered with the car was an automatic, although there were three to choose from. The only engine offered with the Buick Reatta was the 3.8 Liter Buick V6. The transmissions offered over its three year life span include the four speed 4T60 automatic, the four speed 4T60-E automatic and the four speed 440T-4 automatic.

One of the more unusual aspects of this particular vehicle was Buick’s marketing approach to it. Buick played up the hand made aspect. Even go as far as included a “craftman log” with each car. The “craftman log” was a leather bound journal that included the signatures of the supervisors for the cars assembly. For the various systems of the car, there would be included a signature for each department head. This was attempt to impart a feeling of individual hand craftsmanship in a mass produced automobile.

Another unique feature for the day time was a touchscreen that was included as standard equipment. This touchscreen was an interface with a computer called the Electronic Control Center. With the touchscreen one could control the radio and climate control functions. Unfortunately this was a little too ahead of its time and proved intimidating to many owners at the time.

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