used Buick Rendezvous engines

The Buick Rendezvous was an SUV created by General Motors for its Buick division. The Rendezvous was the first truck type vehicle to be introduced by Buick since 1923. General Motors had recognized that most SUV owners had no desire to actually take their vehicle off road but did enjoy the look and feel of the traditional SUV. The Rendezvous was General Motors attempt at what has come to be know as a crossover SUV. A crossover SUV is an SUV that provides increased passenger seating, more cargo space and higher seat heights. The Rendezvous provided all this and more.

By integrating all the things SUV owner were looking for and losing those options that detracted from traditional SUV’s, primarily poor fuel economy and an rough ride, the Rendezvous was born.

Because many SUV owners had stated that they enjoyed the power of the typical SUV and the safety that all wheel drive could provide in wet or freezing conditions, the Rendezvous included Versatrak, which was a middle ground type of all wheel drive. By using the Park Avenue as a pattern, Buick set out to create an SUV that incorporated the features of luxury vehicle with the versatility of an SUV. The Rendezvous was a result of that design.

In later years, General Motors offered several engine options with the Rendezvous, one of these was the 3.6 L V6 enginein the 2005 model year. For 2006, Buick changed out the engine for the 3.5 L V6 Standard engine.

The success of the Buick Rendezvous could not have come at a better time. The demographics for Buick customers showed strong brand loyalty however this was an aging generation and Buick had previously been very unsuccessful at luring in a younger customer base. The Rendezvous changed that entirely. With new interior features such as extra power points for laptops and cell phone, the Rendezvous was just the ticket needed to infuse the brand with new life.

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