used Buick Skyhawk engines

The Buick Skyhawk was first introduced into the Buick line up by General Motors in 1975. A subcompact four passenger car, the Skyhawk was the intended replacement for an imported vehicle that had been sold through Buick dealerships. This car came in just one body style, the two door hatchback.

Because General Motors, along with other auto manufacturers in the United States were taking a beating from Japanese import autos, the United States car makers were scrambling to come up with fuel efficient vehicles that could compete. The gas crisis was in full swing across the globe and the United States Big Three in Detroit were behind in the count.

The Skyhawk was one of General Motors responses to that. The car was built from 1975 through 1980 however throughout its production life, the Skyhawk was offered with only one engine, the 3.8 Liter 231 cid V6 engine to be exact. This engine used a two barrel carburetor that produced 110 horsepower. Two transmissions were available with the this car. One was a four speed manual transmission that was the the standard option. A three speed automatic transmission could be chosen at an increased price.

The first Skyhawk which was built on a H-body was retired in 1980. And all though the name was the same, Skyhawk that was introduced in 1982 was not a replacement for the original Skyhawk. The new Buick Skyhawk would be built on a J body frame and instead of subcompact, it was now classed as a compact vehicle and came in two door coupe, a four door sedan and a four door station wagon.

The newly designed Skyhawk would have several engine selections beginning with the standard engine which was a 1.8 Liter OHV 4 cylinder engine. There was also a turbocharged version of the 1.8 Liter that was offered as an option. By 1987, the 1.8 L engine was replaced by a 2.0 Liter engine. The last Skyhawk was produced in 1989. The last year of production, assembly was in Janesville, Wisconsin.

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