used Buick Somerset engines

The Buick Somerset was a car built by General Motors for its Buick division. It was produced for only a short period of time, just two years, though the name had previously been employed for use with another Buick vehicle, the Regal. The Somerset was produced form 1985 through 1987 and was initially set to replace the Skylark but the car never really caught on with car buyers.

It was produced in Lansing Michigan and was classed as a compact. The Somerset came in two body styles originally. The first year it was made, it came as a two door coupe and a four door sedan. The sedan was only built for the 1985 model year however.

The Somerset had an FF layout and was built on the N-body platform that it shared with the better selling Pontiac Grand AM. The Buick Somerset engines incluuded the 2.5 Liter Tech IV I4 engine and the 3.0 Liter V6 engine. There two types of transmissions to choose from as well, the five speed manual and the three speed Turbo Hydramatic 125 automatic transmission.

The Somerset did have several innovative features for the time however neither of them proved to be an asset for the vehicle. These were an all digital instrument display and a very interesting arrangement for the audio system. Unlike other vehicles, the cars radio was mounted out in front of the dash. This meant there was no in dash slot for a radio so no aftermarket upgrades could be added unless the owner wanted to invest in expensive modifications to mount a radio in the dashboard. The other new concept was an all digital instrument cluster. This proved to be a problem as well because the electronic display consistently shortened the lifespan of the vehicles alternator.

Unfortunately, the automobile consistently turned in poor sales and by 1987 General Motors had decided to cut its losses with the vehicle and the model was discontinued.

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