used Cadillac Catera engines

The Cadillac Catera was a mid sized car produced for General Motors in Russelsheim Germany. The car was intended as an entry level Cadillac. In 1997 the Cadillac catera had a L81 V6 engine with a rear wheel drive. It was also given a General Motors 4L 30 automatic transmission that had also been used the the BMW 3 and the BMW 5 as well as some Isuzu vehicles.

With the Catera, General Motors was seeking to attract a younger consumer. Advertisements were aimed at the younger crowd by using endorsements form Cindy Crawford. Advertising dollars spent to get Cindy Crawford as spokesperson was said to be around $350,000. The ads themselves were centered around an animated duck like creature name ziggy.

The Cadillac Catera was doomed to last a very short period of time and by 2001 plans were made to be dropped from the General Motors lineup. Reliability problems dogged the heals of the vehicle from the beginning and consumer and automotive publication have generally been extremely critical.

By the time the Cadillac Catera was dropped, Cadillac would begin the companys next design theme. There have been rumors for several years that Cadillac and General Motors had plans to bring the automobile back but in light of the recent financial crises experienced by automobile manufacturers world wide, these plans have been momentarily shelved. Perhaps sometime in the near future, we may see Cadillac once again try to attract a younger audience. However for now the feeling remains strong that Cadillac’s largest demographic will remain the current over fifty type. It seems that Cadillac’s reputation for stability, dependability and comfort are all features to which this generation feels it has acheived.

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