used Cadillac Seville engines

General Motors was the manufacturer of the luxury vehicle, the Cadillac Seville. Beginning in 1956 This automobile was one of the top cars in the Cadillac division. A luxury vehicle in all ways, it ranked second in line to the Cadillac Eldorado. Form 1956 through 1960 the cor was offered as a two door hardtop coupe and and four door sedan. The name Seville was orginally used to denote a particular version of the Eldorado called the The Cadillac Eldorado Seville.

In 1975, the Cadillac Seville became its own model. These first generation Seville’s were assembled in Detroit, Michigan. The Seville’s of the seventies featured two engines, the 350 cu in Oldsmobile V8 engine and the 350 cu in Oldsmobile diesel V8 engine.

By 1980 assembly of the automobile had been moved to Linden, New Jersey. It was at this time that the Cadillac Seville would be changed to the 114 inch wheelbase k0body platform. For 1980 through 1981 the engine for the Seville would be a 6.0 L V8. Another change to the Seville for 1981 would be the addition of the memory seat. This option was something of particular interest to consumers. For 1982, Cadillac would add heated outside rearview mirrors with the rear defogger option.

The nineteen nineties would see many changes for the Seville as Cadillac redesigned the body style to be more in line with European influences. The Seville Touring Sedan was immensely popular and won the Motor Trend magazines Car of the Year award for 1992. There would be two sub models for the Seville. One was the Seville Luxury Sedan, Cadillac SLS for short, and included with this vehicle was the 4.9 Liter HT-4900 V8 engine which was upgraded to a LD* Northstar V8 for 1994. The second of these submodels would be the Seville Touring Sedan or Cadillac STS as it was known. This model began with a 4.9 Liter HT-4900 in 1992. This engine was upgraded to a L37 Northstar in 1993.

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