Used Chevy 20 Engines

In 1960 General Motors introduced a new designation for its truck models. The Chevy 20 was a 3/4 ton model with a range of engines to choose from. The most popular was the 150 hp (112 kW) 261 in³ (4.3 L) straight 6 chevy 20 engine.

The chevy 20 engine was durable and dependable and many original owners have passed these fine vehicles onto their children and grandchildren.The Chevy engine has proven its value time and again,with consumers placing it at the top in popularity for its class and size.

While newer and bigger engines have come along, the 4.3L straight 6 engine never really faded from popularity. Even today these engines are still on the road and the 60′s versions are being restored by collectors all over the country. Nearly half a century later, Chevrolet’s reputation for durability rests solidly on the foundation built by these early chevy engines.

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