used Chevy Caprice engines

The Chevy Caprice engine was offered with police package options for over 10 years. The Caprice was first offered with a C91 police package in 1986. After the Impala was phased out in 1986, the Cp1 Caprice was offered with a 350 cid V8 engine and became the car of choice for the police package. Although the Caprice was offered with a smaller 4.3L V6 as well, both engines were equipped with the Turbo-hdramatic 700R-4 transmission.

Production continued through 1996 and in 1994 the Caprice Chevy received the new-generation GM engines, including an optional version of the Corvette’s 5.7L engine that put out 260 hp and 330 ft·lbf of torque.

Although the Chevrolet C91 was the fastest and most popular model used for police vehicles,thanks in part to the Chevy 5.7L engine, declining sales and an emerging SUV market forced the halt of this classic full sized sedan in 1996.

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