used Chevy Cavalier engines

The Chevy Cavalier was introduced in 1982 and came in a 2 door coupe, 4 door sedan and a station wagon body style. It was one of the most successful cars ever introduced by Chevrolet.

In 1983, Chevy upgraded the popular series to fuel injection and the Cavalier V6 engine was uncommon in a compact car at the time.
A newer more aerodynamic design was introduced in 1995 and the station wagon was discontinued. However the coupe and sedan were retained with the convertible being offered until the year 2000.

The Chevy Cavalier engines were offered in a variety of sizes over the years including the 2.2L GM OHV l4, the 2.3L twin cam l4 and the 2.4L LD9 l4.

The cavalier was retooled for 2002 and 2003 but Chevrolet, in attempt to revive sliding sales, discontinued the Cavalier and the Cobalt was introduced as its replacement.

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