used Chevy S10 Truck engines

The Chevy S10 truck was first marketed by General Motors in 1982 under the name S15 and Sonoma. A high performance version was also released called the GMC Cyclone.

The Isuzu Hombre was another version of the Chevy S10 produced from 1996 through the year 2000. An suv version was also produced and was known as the S10 Blazer. Together these were know as the S Series Trucks.

By 1994 all of the special editions were gone and the Iron Duke and 2.8 L 60° V6 engines were dropped, leaving just the 4.3 L Vortec and a new 2.2 L engine, itself a derivative of the old Cavalier OHV. A high-output version of the 4.3 was offered on the “SS” model. The ChevyS10 SS was a high performance version of the S10 and a limited amount were produced yearly.

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