used Chevy Suburban engines

The Chevrolet Suburban has been in continuous production longer than in other model vehicle in history. Production began in 1935 and considering the extreme ongoing popularity of the vehicle, the Suburban name plate will continue long into the future.

Built on the Chevrolet pickup truck platform, the Suburban is an station wagon/sport utility combination and has proven to be one of General Motor’s most profitable vehicles.

The GMC Suburban built from 1973 through 1991 was 4 door vehicle (all previous versions having 1 drivers door and 2 passenger doors) and the GMC Suburban engine was offered in diesel and gasoline. The base engine was small block 350 cubick inch V8 with a 400 cubic inch offered as an upgrade. The big block V8 was offered for the first time in these models.

The mid 1990′s saw a revised interior that offered all bench seating which could accomodate up to 9 passengers comfortably and still had plenty of space behind the last row of seats to haul a considerable amount of cargo.

For the 21st century, Chevrolet began offering both a 1/2 ton version and a 3/4 ton version with two types of trim packages: the LS or the LT. The LT trim package included OnStar as a standard feature as well as a 6.0 Liter engine.

The Chevrolet Suburban LT engine would include Vortec technology along with an 8.1 Liter engine for the 3/4 ton model.

The latest models have redesigned interiors and stability control will be standard for all models for the first time. The towing package included with these newest Suburbans is the best offered on any 4×4 SUV passenger vehicle sold in the United States today. They have the ability to tow up to 9,600 pound for the 3/4 ton models.

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