used Chevy Trailblazer engines

The Chevrolet Trailblazer was introduced in 1999 and was intended as an upscale trimline of the Chevrolet Blazer. The TrailBlazer is based on a truck platform and all models came with an optional four wheel drive package with the traditional 4 high and 4 low gearings. Originally the two door models were the only type offered at dealerships while the four door models were reserved only for fleet sales. This changed in 2005 when both the two door and four door models were finally made available to the general population.

The 4.2 Liter I6 engine was awarded best engine at the 2002 North American Car show. The Trailblazer also took Truck of the Year at the same show.

The Trailblazer facade was streamlined for the 2006 model year and given a more aerodynamic look. It also received an upgrade to its trim and the front and rear fascias were updated as well. The Trailblazer SS received a trim specific from and rear fascias plus color matched side skirts.

The Super Sport medel TrailBlazer came standard with a 6.0 Liter engine which is the same engine that comes standard in the 2005-2006 Pontiac GT.

The Trailblazer and the Uplander will be replaced by the Chevrolet Traverse and General Motors closed the Moraine plant on December 23, 2008 where the Trailblazer was built.

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