used Dodge Aries engines

The Dodge Aries was a type of vehicle produced by dodge from 1981-1989. It was a popular car and one of the first to be built on the famous Chrysler K platform. People seemed to love the look and feel of the Aries. It had sumptous interior upholstery, digital dashboard displays and was a very tight feeling midsize vehicle. The Aries was one of the first ever front wheel drive automobiles and had Ford and Chevrolet scrambling to keep up with the cool little car.

The K-Cars as they were known were strong sellers and had record years the second and third years out. The Aries was such a strong seller that it was monumental in pulling Chrysler out of a serious financial crisis that had been developing for several years.The Aries was also made by marketed as a Plymouth Reliant and shared many of the same parts including the engines. The K-cars were so popular that even the uninformed public began referring to them as such. This was helped along when Dodge and Chrysler began displaying the K on the rear emblem of the vehicles. The Aries had Aries-K on the back and the Reliant had Reliant-K on its rearend as well. Oddly enough even though the cars were extremely similar, the Aries outsold the Reliant in just about every year that the two cars were made. Some have said that the public simply preferred the name Dodge Aries over the name Plymouth Reliant.

Although both cars did go on to be extremely successful, Chrysler nearly ruined the succes from the very beginning. The cars had been advertised at a price that the company was sure would lure in consumers. It was promoted at the base price of $5,880.00. However instead of the base models that Chrysler had so heavily promoted, Chrysler was only building cars with options that cost much more than the advertised price. Consumers were not amused and the cars did not sell. Chrysler quickly caught on however and began putting out the type of cars it had advertised. The line started to move quickly after that and both models proved to be quite popular with consumers.

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