used Dodge Daytona engines

The Dodge Daytona was a sporty coupe produced by Chrysler beginning in 1984. Dodge was attempting to capture the interests of the younger buyers market and the Daytona was a bid in that direction. It had a youthful feel to its design and innovative interior options. One of the features that appealed particularly to young buyer was a new radio control option. Dodge had mounted a duplicate set of controls right on the steering wheel. There was no need to ever take ones hands off the wheel because the radio controls were right at ones finger tips.

For the second production year Dodge added a turbocharged Daytona Z. The Turbo Z was no longer offered as a trim package but was its own model now. It has new styling and an intergrated wrap around bumper was added as well.

The next change for the Daytona was the Shelby Z which was intended to be a sportier model than its predecessors. It had alot of appeal with the younger market as well and featured a much larger engine. The Shelby Z was loaded with tons of extra that you would expect to find in a sports car. It had a front sway bar and rear disc brakes. The interior options included leather interior, and 8 way power drivers seat with lumbar support, a digital dashboard, 12 button navigator with instant fuel ratings and trip averages and estimated travel times.

By 1989 even the rims were getting into the sports gig and the car was also offered with silver ground effects and a snowflake pattern on the rims. The cars were very popular and were featured in several Hollywood films included the 1986 movie The Wraith starring Charlie Sheen. This was a 1986 Dodge Dayton Turbo Z driven by the character Oggie. It was also featured in the television show Hunter, for this show a 1984 Dodge Daytona was driven by character Dee Dee McCall.

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