Used Dodge Ram 50 engines

The Dodge Ram 50 was introduced by Dodge in 1979. The vehicle itself went by several names throughout its life span including the name Dodge D50 for 1979 and 1986.

It was a compact pickup truck that was actually built by Mitsubishi Motors and sold by Chrysler Corporation as a captive import. The total lifespan of the Dodge marketed vehicle was fourteen years, beginning in 1979 and ending in 1993. Plymouth sold its own version of the vehicle however for Plymouth it was called the Arrow truck. Plymouth marketed the Arrow Truck from 1979 through 1982. Although Plymouth dropped the Arrow Truck from its line up. Mitsubishi beginning importing and selling the same truck under its own brand. At this point the truck would now be known as the Misubishi Mighty Max.

Changes were made to the Dodge version of the vehicle for 1982 when four wheel drive was added as an option. The four wheel drive version would be called the Power Ram 50.

For 1983, a turbo diesel engine would also be offered for trucks in the United States market. The turbo diesel engine would be offered from 1983 until 1985.

Starting in 1979, the base model for the Dodge D50 was the 2.0 L 4G52 I4 engine. It was a SOHC engine that produced 93 horsepower. This engine would be offered from 1979 through 1989. Other optional engines offered for the turck include the 2.6 Liter 4G54 I4 engine. This was also a SOHC engine but was more powerful that the base model and produced 105 horsepower. The diesel engine that was offered briefly from 1983 through 1985 was a 2.3 L 4D55T turbodiesel I4 engine that produced 84 horsepower.

In the latter years of production the engines became more powerful. For 1990 through 1993 the vehicles were offered with a 2.4 L 4G64 I4 and produced 116 horsepower. The upgrade engine for the 1990-1993 engine was the 3.0 L 6G72 V6 engine and it produced 142 horsepower.

The Dodge Ram 50 was sold side by side with its successor from 1987 until the Ram 50 was discontinued in 1993.

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