used Dodge Ramcharger engines

The Dodge Ramcharger was one of the more ruggedly built vehicles produced by Chrysler. The vehicle was manufactured as a large body SUV and although it was chosen by some to primarily be driven on paved highways, the Ramcharger was used mostly as a working ranch/farm vehicle intended for use off road or over rough terrain. It was built from 1974 through 1981 and built on a shortened wheelbase version of the Dodge D Series pick up truck.

The Ramcharger enjoys the distinction of being the first Dodge vehicle to have Ram appear in its name. This Dodge vehicle was primarily built has with two doors and all came with full time four wheel drive until 1975. This was a work horse vehicle and was also know as a Rhino, the name was appropriate for the vehicle because of the extraordinary conditions under which it was primarily used. Because of these conditions most models were offered with manual transmissions throughout the years. The first was the A0230 three speed transmission. The most common transmission that was utilized with the NP435 grann gear four speed in the four wheel drive models.

There were also several engines offered with the Ramcharger, though the most common one was the 318 CID 5.8 L V8. The larger engines offered were the 369 CID 5.9 L, the big block B series 400 CID 6.6 L engine and the RB 440 CID 7.2 L. By 1992, these had been replaced with fuel injection technology. The mulitport fuel injected Magnam 318 came standard in most models that year.

All though the Ramcharger was discontinued in 1993, Chrysler brought in a new updated Ramcharger in 1999. This one however was never intended for the United States market, it was sold primarily in South America. Because Chrysler already had 2 other full size SUV’s that it was producinct for the United States. The new Ramcharger never acheived the amount of sales that the earlier version had and Chrysler discontinued it for good in 2004

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