used Ford Econoline engines

The Ford Econoline van is a series of full size vans produced by Ford Motor Company. Introduced in 1961 as cargo and passenger van, this popular vehicle is still produced today.

Also known as a Ford Club Wagon, the van was introduced to compete with the popular Chevrolet Corvair Sportvan and Volkswagen Type 2. The early models of the van had the traditional flat nose look because Ford placed the engine in between and behind the front seats.

Ford used a 144 CID 6 cylinder engine with an automatic transmission. The early vans were quite versaltile as utility vehicles and became of staple of phone and electric companies across the country. They were so successful in fact, that over 45,000 were produced in the first year alone.

By 1968, Ford again came up with a redesign that turned traditional van design on its ear, by moving the engine all the way to the front. These would give rise to the popular C Class van cab motorhomes that most people recognize today.

In 2001, Ford changed the name from the Econoline to the Ford E-Series Van. The first of these was the Ford E-150 Traveler which Ford developed for large families or large groups traveling together such as church groups. With a high floor and seates that are bolted in the full size van has room for 15 passengers plus baggage and towing and payload capacity comparable to that of a full-sized pickup truck.

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