used Ford Escort engines

The Ford Escort was introduced 1991 by Ford Motor Company. Classed as a compact car, the Escort was the replacement vehicle for the retired subcompact Ford Pinto. It was the first front wheel drive car built by Ford for the North American Market. At that time, Ford owned 25% of Mazda and the Escort was actually built on the Mazda B Platform. The Escort was one of Ford’s most successful vehicles and in only it’s second year became the best selling vehicle in the United States.

The first generation of the Escort utilized a 1.6 Liter CVH engine and was offered as a two door hatchback and a four door station wagon. In 1982 a four door hatchback was also introduced.

Ford redesigned the Escort for the 1988 model year and the engine, which had been upgraded in 1985 to a 1.6 Liter turbocharged CVH I4 engine was also updated with a revised camshaft. The redesign is referred to the “88.5″ year Escort. By 1992, Ford began to offer the Escort as a three or five door hatchback, a sedan or a wagon. Ford offered each of the models for the same price. The only difference was in the LX-E Escort which was a sporty pony version of the Escort. This model included sporting equipment such as four wheel disc brakes, sport suspension and sport interior.

By 2001, sales of the Escort had declined and Ford began offering it for fleet sales only.

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