used Ford F-250 engines

The Ford F-250 truck is newer breed of pickup truck introduced by Ford Motor Company. Intended in every way to be a true work horse, the F-250 has added towing options, a heavier axles, springs, brakes, transmissions and more powerful engines with much higher payload and towing capacities.

By the time the tenth generation of the F-series truck was developed, Ford was looking at splitting the F-150 and the F-250 into two different body styles. The early versions were just F-250′s however, as 2007, it was renamed the F-250 Super Duty.In the beginning the regular F-250(light duty) was an F-150 which heavy duty axles and suspension whit 7 lug wheels and had a load leveling rear suspension system.

By 1998, Ford had developed the F-250 Super Duty and dropped the Ford F-250 Light Duty truck name. This light weight version was now offered as a 7700 package for the F-150.

Super Duty trucks are intended to be primarily commercial/industrial use pickup trucks and have been designed with that in mind. They have a heavier duty body on frame design and come with a 7.3 Liter Powerstroke diesel V8 engine and either a six speed manual transmission or a five speed 5R110W automatic transmission. There are three different cab options with include the standard that can carry up to three passengers all the way up to a crew cab with four full doors and seating for up to six passengers.

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