used Ford LTD engines

The Ford LTD was originally a introduced as the luxury trim model for the Ford Galaxie 500. Produced by Ford Motor Company, some consider the LTD to stand for Luxury Trim Decor since that was the original concept idea. There are others that say that the LTD originally was used to mean Lincoln Type Design. What is known is that the letters could not have meant Limited because Chrysler was already using that moniker and had a copyright on it.

Although originally used to denote the trim package for the Galaxie 500, it became its own model name in 1967. In 1977, name was used on two different vehicles. There was a full size LTD as well as a version of the Ford Torino LTD II. Both vehicles were in production until 1979 and were offered in a coupe, a sedan and a station wagon.

The next place the LTD name would be used would be in 1983 when Ford came out with the Crown Victoria LTD. Ford kept the Crown Victoria LTD as a full-size sedan but also introduced a mid-size version with the name LTD. The LTD vehicles had large interiors and sturdily built frames. Because of this the LTD was always a popular choice for cities ordering police fleets. Today’s Crown Victoria Police Interceptor is of the LTD line even though the Ford dropped the LTD from the name, the resemblance is easy to see. The Ford Taurus was actually the replacement for the full size LTD and the name was dropped from use completely in 1986.

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