used Ford Mustang engines

The Ford Mustang began its long history on March 9, 1964 in Dearborn, Michigan. A product of Ford Motor Company, the public got its first glimpse of the pony car on April 17, 1964 at the New York World’s Fair. It is Ford’s longest running model that is currently still in production.

What is it about the Mustang that has made such a popular choice for so long? Nobody really knows for sure but the public has had a love affair with the famous pony car since its inception. It was so popular in fact that it outperformed any Ford’s wildest fantasy’s concerning its success. Original sales predictions called for about 100,000 to be sold in its first year but 18 months out more than 1 million were produced and sold.

By the seventies, it had slipped somewhat because the designers at Ford began to tinker with the size and weight of the automobile. Lee Iacocca stepped in and returned the car to a glimmer of the former style and design. And in 1975 Ford reinstated the the 302 CID V8 engine and included an economy option known as the MPG Stallion.

1978 saw more changes to its appearance and it was at this time that the King Cobra Mustang was introduced.

Although other pony cars has seen tremendous success as well, known have ever reached the level of the Mustang. To date it is Ford’s most popular car since the launch of the Model A.

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