used Ford Ranger engines

The Ford Ranger is a compact truck built by Ford Motor Company since 1976. The Ranger offers the consumer an option when a full size truck is either unnecessary or unwanted. Since many people need the capabilities of a truck for hauling various things but don’t want the expenses that go along with owning a full size truck the Ranger is an excellent option.

Given the difficulties of manuevering a full size truck, the smaller Ranger makes good sense. The Ranger is offered in with a four wheel drive as an option hand has the capacity to haul a four foot wide sheet of plywood. This was not accidental but done specifically as one of the selling points of the truck.

The available engines included in the first Rangers included the 2.3 Liter OHC Four cylinder In 1985, a 2.2 Liter Mazda/Perkins diesel engine was added as an option.

The Ranger GT was added in 1986 and came with a standard cab short bed with a 2.9 Liter Cologne V6. In 1989 the 2.0 Liter engine was discontinued in the Ranger and now had a 2.3 Liter distributorless ignition system.

Although there have been rumors circulating for several years that Ford has plans to reintroduce the F-100 and retire the Ford Ranger, nothing substantial has surfaced. To date, Ford states that it has plans to continue to produce the Ford Ranger

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