used Ford Windstar engines

The Ford Windstar was produced by Ford Motor company from 1994 through 2003. It had been created to replace the rear wheel drive Ford Aerostar which was losing sales to Chevrolet and Pontiac. Although Ford knew the end was coming for the Aerostar, it delayed discontinuing the model for several years. It is one of the only vehicles that Ford produced that continued to run concurrently with its successor.

The Windstar was quite popular from the onset, especially with families. It was spacious and had enough cargo room to haul around the soccer and baseball gear for the kids. Moms across the United States loved it so much that it is the only minivan so far to see two generation. The first engine made available was the 3.0 L Vulcan. Since this was a vehicle driven for the most part by families, the engine provided plenty of power for what it was used for.

Anti-lock brakes were offered as a standard feature. It had dual airbags and seven passenger seating. The 3.8L Essex engine was offered as an upgrade. This was the same engine as was in the Taurus.

The van was offered as a base GL and a luxury model known as the LX. For a brief period of time another model was featured as well, the Windstar Cargo Van.

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