used GEO/Chevy Prizm engines

The Geo Prizm was born from the combined efforts of both General Motors and Toyota. Meant to be an entry level compact car, the Prizm was part of the General Motors foray into small import vehicles.

The Prizm replaced the Nova and was initially offered with a 130 horsepower (97 kW) twin-cam engine, sport suspension, disc brakes, and 14-inch (360 mm) wheels. In 1998 General Motors decided that the GEO brand name was confusing to consumers and the decision was made to convert the Prizm and all other Geo models over to the Chevrolet brand name. It was felt that Geo lacking the selling power and legitimacy that the name Chevrolet could provide. And in fact the name change did make a difference, reviving sagging sales and allowing the Prizm to make dents in Ford’s hold on the domestic compact car sales.

1998 was the last redesign seen by the Prizm enginesbefore Chevrolet dropped the product from its line up in 2002.

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