used Lincoln Town Car engines

The Lincoln Town Car was created for the 1981 model year and continues to be produced through the present with no plans in the immediate future to cancel the model line. The car is manufactured by the Lincoln division of the Ford Motor Company. It is in the class of full size luxury car on a Ford Panther platform with a FR layout.

The Town Car is the leading American luxury car and though priced at far less than European luxury models, the Town Car is still the most expensive car in the American luxury market.

Built as a full size rear wheel drive luxury sedan, the Town Car comes as both a four door sedan and two door coupe. The Engine used for the first generation years 1981 through 1989 is a 5.o Liter Windsor V8 coupled with a fourspeed AOD Automatic transmission. Originally it was given a 117.3 wheel base and its length was 219.2 inches.

Obviously designed to be a luxury vehicle, the early Town Cars were outfitted with the latest in luxury options. Some of these features included a trip computer with digital display, a miles till empty displya and an estimated time of arrival. In line with other high end Ford Motor Company auto’s, the Town Car also features keyless entry.

The second generation Town Car body style was changed to a four door sedan only. Two engines were included with these latest vehicles. The first engine in 1990 was a 5.0 L Windsor V8 engine.For years 1991 through 1997 the engine was changed to a 4.6 L Modular V8.

The third generation of the Town Car was introduced in 1998. The Town Car received a redesign for 1998 with the removal of the hood ornament and more rounded designs. The interior was also redesigned with increased head room and more spacious passenger seating. A new trim package was also introduced for the year 2000. This was the Town car Touring Edition. The Town Car remains in production through the 2009 model year with plans to continue the car into the future.

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