used Mercury Cougar engines

The Mercury Cougar made its debut in the American market place in 1967. The automobile is produced by Ford Motor Company for its Mercury division. Assembled in Dearborn, Michigan in the United States, the Cougar was a two door hard top/convertible. The early models of the vehicle shared a platform with the Ford Mustang however that would change and the Cougar would then share a platform with the Ford Thunderbird. This first generation of Cougars would be produced for three years, from 1967 to 1970. Several engines would be offered with the vehicle for this this generation. Two models were offered with only one trim package for each model initially. Buyers could choose from the Mercury Cougar GT or the Mercury XR-7. The Mercury Cougar GT engine was the 390 cu in 4.4 L FE series big block.

A second generation Cougar was released in 1971. The body style for the this new generation of Cougars would remain the same, but the exterior would get a facelift for the new seventies car. The rear of the car would receive a new look called the “flying buttress” sail panel. The engines that were offered with this would include the standard 351 Windsor 2 barrel V8, the 351 Cleveland 4-barrel V8, and the 429 Super Cobra Jet 4-barrel V8.

With the infatuation with muscle and pony cars fading rapidly, Mercury moved the focus to a personal luxury class. Throughout the eighties, this focus on luxury would continue to be the driving force behind the Cougar. Dazzling electronics would be added and the car sold only a two door coupe. In 1987, Mercury would develop a special model to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Cougar. The Cougar LS woud feature several options that would be available on the Mercury Cougar LS.

The seventh generation would be the final one for the Cougar. In the year 2002, with sales of personal luxury vehicles on the wane, Mercury decided that would be the final year for the Cougar.

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